ecumenical movement and the one world religion

The Ecumenical Movement and The One World Religion

The Ecumenical Movement and The One World Religion

The Ecumenical Movement is the driving force behind the formation of a one world religion. It seeks to unite all “religions” on the basis that they all allegedly worship the same God. This is disingenuous and what I consider to be demonic sleight of hand; a doctrine of demons. The driving force behind the formation of a one world religion is that society has rejected the laws of God, and now worship a false god – Satan – the Prince of this world,  who wages war against God, His Word, and His people.

When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything. G.K. Chesterton

The creation of a one world religion is an oxymoron. It is ridiculous to believe that all religions represent truth or that they all worship the same god. Religions are distinguished by their teachings and the distinction between their teachings form the basis of their existence. Clearly, different religions describe the different deities they worship or serve. If this were not the case, only one religion would exist on the earth. This is precisely what Satan is doing; forming one world religion under the pretence of unity and love. But the fact of the matter is that he strives to unify the world in opposition against the only true God (Jehovah).

Enter The Angel of Light

2 Corinthians 11:14 explains Satan’s modus operandi. He transforms himself into an angel of light, even a servant of righteousness, in order to deceive the unwary, the ignorant, and the gullible. Yes – he even looks and talks like a Christian at times!

Satan is a master of disguise and deception. He stops at nothing to subvert the Word of God and to undermine the stature and glory of Jesus Christ.

But the nature of deception is that it is very deceptive!  It is designed to fool the unwary so that they believe a lie. False teaching is always laced with doses of truth. But the art of deception is to blend truth and error in such a way that the false teaching seems plausible – even Biblical.

Beware a Text Without a Scriptural Context

There is a very disturbing trend in churches to use Biblical texts out of context. I call this “patchwork quilt” theology. A patchwork quilt consists of unrelated pieces of material of diverse patterns and colors. When the pieces of discordant fabric are laboriously stitched together, the end result is a seemingly impressive quilt that has a semblance of beauty, cohesion, and functionality.

But the use of Biblical texts without proper context is merely a pretext designed to undermine Biblical truth and cohesive theology and doctrine. Just as politicians “spin” the truth for the purpose of gaining political advantage, so too religious con-men (and women) subvert the truth by introducing what the Bible refers to as doctrine of demons into the church.

Wrong Motives And Corrupt Morals

The Bible warns that there have always been those who engage in the serious business of religion for the wrong reasons. They see the gospel as a means to enrich themselves or for self-glorification. And because their motives were wrong from the outset, or because they become diverted by their love of money, status, or power, they too follow the way of Baalam and sell their souls to the devil.

Selling Our Spiritual Birthright

Just as Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup, so do the proponents of Ecumenism. They are more interested in what is expedient rather than what constitutes truth. Therefore have no difficulty engaging in spiritual adultery and have many “spiritual lovers” with whom they fornicate.  Their consciences have been seared and their hearts hardened.

But they do so in the name of God in order to legitimize their lust.  They do not love the truth. Instead they seek bedfellows who are like-minded. They become complicit in waging war against Truth and enemies of the God they claim to serve.

There Is Only One True God

It is not true that all religions worship the true God just because some say so. (Alan Vincent)

The only true God (Jehovah and His Son Jesus Christ),  are clearly identified in the writings of Scripture. What is not offered to the true God is offered to demons (advertently or inadvertently).

The Bible also teaches that two people cannot walk together unless they are in agreement. What does darkness have to do with light and truth with error? They are incompatible.  But it is our adversary – Satan  – who secretly and under cover of darkness, sows the tares among the wheat in order to spoil the crop.

The Distinction Between The Religious And The Profane

In the Old Testament of the Bible we see a clear distinction between paganism and Biblical Christianity. But Satan has long attempted to blur these lines by corrupting and subverting the Word of God. So why does the Roman Catholic Church seek to gather together profane pagan religions under its authority? Is it perhaps because it wants to Christianise the pagans? Unfortunately this cannot be the case because the Latin church undermines the true Gospel at every turn while seeking to assert it’s false spiritual authority on all and sundry.

Religious Syncretism Disguised As The Religion Of The New Age

The reality is that the Roman Catholic Church is the spearhead of the Ecumenical Movement.  The Vatican has always sought to assert it’s authority over the Christian church, and has a long history of embracing paganism.

Rather than seeking to Christianise pagans, Catholicism seeks to paganise Christians. (Alan Vincent)

Even a casual study of Roman Catholic doctrine proves that its teachings are in conflict with Biblical Christian doctrine. Almost every core doctrine of Catholicism is at odds with the teachings of the Bible.  On even closer inspection of the Catholic Catechism, this fact is established beyond doubt.

The Satanic Agenda Behind The Ecumenical Movement

The Ecumenists claim:

  • That the only hope for world peace is the merging of all religions. They claim that wars are waged because of religious differences.
  • Following this humanistic logic, the next step is the formation of a one world government. The papacy has long called for a new world order and a one world government under the authority of Rome.
  • It is claimed that what unifies all religions is love. If we show respect for all religions then surely world peace is sure to follow. But they forget that one cannot have peace without the Prince of Peace.
  • The basis of a new age one world religion is that all religions allegedly worship the same god. This assertion is made despite the fact that all non Christian religions deny the deity and unique claims of Jesus Christ.

But Ecumenists do not seek a saviour. They want to save themselves through an ungodly alliance with those of the synagogue of Satan; a spiritually deadly alliance that has a form of godliness but denies the power of God.

The New Spiritual Tower of Babel

Just like the pagan Babylonian builders of the Tower of Babel, this New Age one world false religion is being constructed brick by brick, in defiance of God.  but this time they are building something more respectable and impressive than a tower. They are building a new religion that glorifies man and dishonours God.

1 Thessalonians 5:3-18New King James Version (NKJV)

For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.

4 thoughts on “The Ecumenical Movement and The One World Religion

  1. v says:

    Good info what is sad is that you seem to have not grasp the fact that the greatest deception is the corrupt versions of the A.K.J. Bible . Compare NIV ASV ESV NKJV with the A.J.K. Bible not all have corrupted all the same verses but enough proof is here for you to see why the churches that use these versions are following every wind of doctrine 1John 5:8 ,Rev 1:5, Colossians 1:14, 1 Tim 3;16 Dan 3:24 … Warnings in Gal 1:6-12 another gospel ,1Cor 11:1-4 another Jesus, another spirit, another gospel. Please warn people

  2. clinton says:

    I’d say that is one noticeable thing that goes right past most peoples eyes, these bibles were translated to conform with the ideas and perspectives of the man made doctrinal positions of the reformers. Take an intelinear bible from the original Hebrew and Greek and see it translated to English literally and stack it up against all these other translations and you will see how man twists the Word to favor his deception. Sadly people rely on man be it the Pope, or Calvin or Luther etc. as the authority on the scriptures. Its not saying they weren’t knowledgeable, however the author and finisher of our faith works through the truth of the Holy Spirit, and the hour is coming and is here when God seeks those whom worship Him in Spirit (John 4:23-24)

  3. hey alan,
    my name is john wood and i am the founding and senior pastor of Christ Chape Macon in 1995. Recently the Lord laid on my heart to start a similar page bringing biblical insight and awareness to this which i believe is the last generation.

    i would like to ask permission to be able to repost some of your insights and articles and use them on our page

    thanks for your consideration

    1. Hello John.

      Only just saw your message this morning. While I would be very pleased for you to use anything from the website, the problem is that if content is copied and pasted to another site, Google penalises websites for duplicate content in terms of good search engine optimisation. What about taking whatever concept/content you want from the site and rehashing it?

      Let me know

      Kind regards

      Alan Vincent

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